5 Important Factors you Should Consider Before Looking for a Job

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    5 Important Factors you Should Consider Before Looking for a Job

    Each of us have our own preferences and choices when it comes to looking for a job. Most of us tend to opt for a job that pays higher than the rest. However, a huge payslip is not the only thing you should consider while looking for a job. There are many factors that determines a peaceful and content working atmosphere. From working hours to the notice period, there are many aspects that should not be over looked while joining an organisation.

    Working Hours

    The hours you have to dedicate in a day plays a very important role in having a balanced work life. Though most of us assume that the typical working hours is 9-5, it might not be true always. You should thoroughly check with the organization about the number of hours you are supposed to work and how frequently you will have to work overtime. Its ideal to get a clarity about the same prior to signing your contract.

    Benefits Offered

    There are many benefits that the companies offer apart from your salary. Let it be health insurance to travel allowance of sick days payment to retirement allowance and bonus payment, the benefits might vary from company to company. It is always important to sort such doubts out beforehand to avoid any confusions in the future.

    Opportunities for Learning and Growth

    Whichever company you are working for, in whatever industry, there should always be opportunities to learn and grow. You should know about the potential growth you can achieve through the organization you work for. If you want career progression, it is essential that your job role and company gives you ample opportunities to learn and develop skills.

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    The Team

    It is not always an individual that works and operates in a company, but a team. Coworkers will have a huge impact in your job. From the way they interact to the way they are willing to help you learn, they can make or break your working experience. If possible, connect to your coworkers through LinkedIn or try to interact with them before or after the initial interview.

    Company Culture

    You should be well aware of the work culture of the company you are working for. If it is possible, try to figure out if the current and previous employees of the company are happy with their jobs and how the company treats it's employees. You can ask the interviewer about the employee turnover rate to get better insights to the same. To have a stress-free and balanced work atmosphere, it is essential to enquire and validate the company, its culture and co-workers. If the company upholds values and ethics and the colleagues are supportive, you will have a great work life.

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