How to Get a Job in Kuwait: A Foreigners Guide

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    How to Get a Job in Kuwait: A Foreigners Guide

    Whether you are a foreigner interested in finding a job in Kuwait or a Kuwaiti considering moving to Kuwait, this guide will show you the essentials of what you need to know such as the most popular expat cities, the work visa requirements, and jobs for non-Kuwaitis. Kuwait is one of the most attractive countries for foreign job seekers because of its wealth, huge oil reserves, and thriving job opportunities in oil production, marketing, sales, and finance. Real estate, tourism, and business services are also among the fastest growing sectors in Kuwait that hire thousands of foreigners every year.

    For those of you interested in finding a job in Kuwait and applying for a Kuwaiti position, here you can find details about salaries, the requirements for Kuwaiti position openings, and the benefits of those positions:

    How to Get a Kuwait Jobs?

    As Kuwait's economy continues to expand, the country needs to hire foreign professionals in various fields. Among the best places to look for a job are construction, teaching, healthcare, and the oil and gas sectors. Topaz careers can help you with finding a job in Kuwait.

    Kuwait Accepts Foreign Workers?

    Kuwait is a popular destination for foreigners seeking jobs because there are many Kuwait jobs available. Kuwait's corporate pension plans for expatriate employees will cover some of these expatriate employees. Also, check: Jobs in GCC

    Work in Kuwait's Best Industries:

    Petroleum Industry:

    Jobs in Kuwait for Freshers are thriving in the petroleum industry. If you are a petrochemical engineer or a miner you can try to find work in Kuwait easily.


    Kuwait has an excellent finance industry. In GCC jobs, it has a leadership position in the financial industry.


    According to Wikipedia, a total of 36 new hospitals are planned by 2035. The healthcare sector provides Jobs in Kuwait for Indians as well as expats in Kuwait.

    Best Job Vacancies and Openings in Kuwait

    If you are looking for a job in Kuwait and making plans on how to find a job, take a look at these resources for essential information on salary, qualifications, and benefits for some of Kuwait's most common job openings from some of Top companies in Kuwait.

    Teachers in Kuwait 

    One of the most common occupations for foreigners seeking jobs in Kuwait is teaching. The demand for English teachers is particularly high in Kuwait. International colleges, private language schools, and universities still need foreign teachers of English and math. In addition, local students are increasingly taking private lessons, and international teachers are becoming more and more popular.

    Translation Service in Kuwait

    Foreign translators are being hired by the country's large petroleum exporters. Translation jobs in Kuwait are usually suited to the skills and knowledge of international professionals.

    Taxi Drivers in Kuwait

    Kuwait has a low cost of oil and gas, so driving is a popular mode of transportation. Kuwait City's taxi drivers are mostly foreigners from Southeast Asia.

    Worker Warehouses in Kuwait

    Usually they are employed by the oil sector or by local retailers. Knowing how to operate a lift truck or forklift can help you earn more money for this job.

    Permit to Work in Kuwait

    Kuwait requires foreigners to have a residency visa, or iqama, and a valid work permit in order to work in the country. Kuwait offers three main types of visas for residence: job visas, domestic visas, and dependent visas. All of these types of visas require a sponsor. Kuwait is a country where foreigners can live and work. They may be sponsored by their employers, family members, or expats. Kuwait does not permit work permits for newcomers with domestic and dependent visas.

    Applicants for a valid work permit must submit an application to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. Work permits for Kuwait require an employee's passport and a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation, part of the Ministry of Interior. It may take one to two months to complete formalities after entering Kuwait after obtaining a residency visa and work permit.

    We hope you found this blog helpful in finding jobs in Kuwait. Choosing the right agency is the key to finding the right position. If you need assistance in finding the right position, we will be glad to help. Are you interested in our assistance?

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