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    The 7 Best Highest Paying Jobs in GCC

    Dubai, one of the most prominent cities in the world, has made its mark in a relatively short period of time. It is fundamental to find a job before moving to a Gulf country if you want the highest paying jobs in gulf countries. Getting a residency visa and a work permit in Dubai, for example, requires both a sponsoring employer. You will need to find a Highest Paying Jobs in GCC that not only matches your skillset and adds invaluable experience to your career, but also pays well. You will learn more about the highest paying jobs in GCC in this blog post.

    List of Highest Salary Jobs in GCC

    1. Operations Manager

    Our list shows that the Highest Paying Jobs in GCC are those with the most responsibilities. A company's operations manager ensures all departments are working at their highest levels. Their duties include overseeing department budgets, workflow, and manufacturing operations. Your business may require you to specialize in a particular area, such as handling all staffing, training, legal issues, and maintaining HR efficiency. In any field or department, being well organized, communicating and managing time are essential.

    2. Business Developer

    Highest Paying Jobs in GCC include a business development manager, whose job is to expand a company's profile and clientele. While maintaining or improving existing business relationships, you'll also have the responsibility of directing sales and marketing teams.

    Employers will usually prefer candidates who have experience jobs in UAE or anywhere else in the region, as getting a job in another country can be difficult. Fluent English and Arabic are also required for many jobs.

    3. Project Engineer

    Many kinds of engineering disciplines can be used in the work of project engineers. Supervisors are responsible for a wide range of tasks, in addition to approval of budgets and coordinating teams on major construction, design, and manufacturing projects. Developing solutions for any problems you encounter will also require the right expertise. Having experience and qualifications in this field can lead you to highest paying jobs in Bahrain.

    4. Civil Engineer

    The Highest Paying Jobs in GCC can be found in Jobs in Saudi Arabia, home to the tallest building in the world, one of the largest shopping malls, and massive man-made islands visible from space. The city's infrastructure is evaluated by civil engineers to determine its viability, environmental impact, structural integrity, and safety.

    5. Electrical Engineer

    Together with their mechanical counterparts, electrical engineers design and build the electrical parts that give power to the machines they have designed. As well as designing, implementing, and inspecting products for telecommunications and navigation systems, electrical engineers also work on components in the automotive, aviation, and medical fields. Electrical engineering and closely related engineering fields are the highest-paying jobs in Oman.

    6. Mechanical Engineer

    The career options for engineers in Dubai are plentiful, as you can see from our list. A mechanical engineer studies and designs mechanical systems. Automobile and aviation industries in the city will provide plenty of job opportunities, but those aren't the only sources of employment. Many aspects of building construction are also handled by mechanical engineers, such as air conditioning and heating systems, generators and elevators. Additionally to the construction jobs in Kuwait, you can work in the medical industry, developing medical equipment and devices.

    7. Accountant

    Dubai's economy is now more dependent on industries like tourism, aviation, and real estate rather than oil, which sparked the emirate's growth and expansion. Across all industries, accounting jobs are abundant since businesses need to manage their finances.

    It is not enough to know basic mathematics when you decide to become an accountant; you need to know spreadsheet and database software as well. A role as management accountant could bring in two to four times as much monthly income as regular accounting jobs in Qatar, of course, for those with more experience and credentials.

    Hope you understood more about the employment market and opportunities available by reading this list of Highest Paying Jobs in GCC. It is always advisable to check out our agency for everything if you have decided to relocate to GCC. Let us help you find the best job in the region.

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