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    The 7 Best Highest Paying jobs in Oman

    Jobs in Oman are available for those looking. As the Sultanate of Oman moves to promote Omanization, it is looking good for Omani nationals. Over 26,000 Omani citizens have been placed in private sector companies by April 2020, according to data from the Ministry of Manpower. Oman's job market will not only continue to perform well in 2022 but also in the future. Aside from opportunity, the most significant factor that attracts job seekers is the pay. As per the data available with the Average Salary Survey, we have listed the top five highest paying jobs in Oman.
    List of Highest Paying Jobs in Oman
    General Manager
    Managing an organization's operations is the responsibility of the general manager. In addition to overseeing the managers, the oversight includes the employees working under them. In addition to maintaining smooth operations, they ensure the implementation of business strategies, develop and assign targets to functional managers, oversee hiring procedures, manage talent development, and more. In Oman, you would be able to find highest paying jobs in Oman since the average salary for this role is OMR 45,461, according to the Average Salary Survey data.
    Engineering Manager
    Engineering encompasses a variety of branches such as software, mechanical, civil, etc. A manager of engineering may be associated with any engineering branch, but his/her primary duties include working with management, marketing, and production departments to discuss project specifications and procedures, prepare budgets, bids, and contracts, hire talent, assign and direct work, evaluate performance, and many other duties. As per the average salary survey data, the average salary for this role is OMR 36,500, which would make searching for Engineering Manager highest paying jobs in Oman an attractive option.
    Finance Manager

    Maintaining a company's financial health is the responsibility of its financial manager. An experienced financial manager's duties and responsibilities include preparing financial statements and reports, forecasting, monitoring financial activities of the company, hiring and supervising employees to handle financial reporting and budgeting, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, analyzing market trends, identifying expansion opportunities, and making financial decisions to help the company succeed. You may want to consider searching for finance manager high demand jobs in Oman since the average salary for this role is OMR 33,170, as per the average salary survey data.

    HR Manager

    Human Resources Managers are vital to the success of any organization because they are responsible for its employees. As a human resources manager, you are responsible for the hiring of talent, imparting training, communicating with the employees, handling salaries and benefits, fostering a culture of performance, bringing teams together, caring for employees, and more. It is an excellent option for who searching jobs in Oman for foreigners to apply for HR Manager positions in Oman, since the average salary for this role is 28,369 OMR as per the Average Salary Survey data. Also, Read: Jobs in Middle East: Top 6 Countries for Foreigners to Work Abroad

    Chartered Accountant

    Do you want to know which job is best in Oman? Chartered Accountants are without a doubt among the most highly paid professionals. Taxation, financial accounting, reporting, and management accounting are vital to the Profession and require a solid academic background. As a result, there will always be a high demand for chartered accountants, as every company wants a competent professional capable of taking care of the crucial financial and accounting matters of the company. It would be a great option to search for accountant jobs in Oman since the average salary for this role is OMR 26,229 according to data from the average salary survey. Also, Read: 10 Reasons Why Oman is a Great Place to Live and Work

    One can significantly improve one's financial and professional prospects by planning one's career early in life. If you have not chosen your field of higher education yet, then this is an essential tip for you. You may need multiple promotions to reach some of the positions mentioned above, but once you determine what field you want to pursue, you can take steady steps towards becoming a successful professional. After you have obtained your needed qualification and experience, you will search for the highest paying jobs in Oman with this early preparation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and queries, we are the best agency to assist you in your career.

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